Unusual request

vicki chrobak

I downloaded  free design last night at Amazing Designs called Sashiko Crane as I was thinking about buying the collection it came from.  I transferred the .jef version to a memory stick through Horizon.  The printout & Horizon both showed 8 color changes.  The design was gorgeous until I loaded # 8 (gold).  The machine started stitching the same design as color 1 except from the middle up.  When I checked the listed color changes on the machine it showed only 7 color changes.  I re-downloaded again today  & repeated without actually embroidering & the machine still showed only 7 colors. 

I was wondering if there is someone who could download the same design & see if your machine only shows 7 colors.  I told Amazing Designs but they said they showed no problems.
Vicki Jo

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