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Most of the complexity in embroidery is external to the machine, i.e. learning how to stabilize fabrics, what needles and thread to use, and how to get things in the hoop properly. Have no fear - you can ask questions here and Diane and I will have something ready within the next couple of months. She's working on it every day, and I will be as well once we finish the road trip.

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Hi Everyone,

I own the 7700 and so I am familiar with the accufeed feet etc but have never in my life had any contact or used an embroidery machine and after reading some of your messages it seems quite daunting! are there any ladies (or men) out there who have bought the 12000 as absolute beginners using the embroidery unit and what do you think? is it very complicated to use? I am gathering the valuable info on here so I can decide whether to buy the 12000 or not but have to remember that there is no-one here in Saudi Arabia at all that I can get advice from other than this great group which will probably be excellent for me...

Thanks for any advice you can give now.

Best Wishes,
Annie Dunn
Jubail, Saudi Arabia

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