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The threader is the same as the one used on the 7700. You pull it down and it hooks into the needle, staying there until you push it back up to pull the thread through. The motorized threader used on the 10000 and 11000 was implemented to prevent misalignment of the needle and threader hook, but it didn't really help that and frequently required service. The manual pull-down threaders work just as well, and won't engage if the needle is not all the way up. However if the needle is not all the way up into the needle clamp, even a little, the hook of the threader can still be bent. This has always been a common service problem, and likely always will be for all brands of machines. When you snap down the threader it slams the little hook through the eye of the needle with a lot of force, and if things are out of line it will bend that fragile little hook. So will moving the needle up or down while the hook is in the eye of the needle, which is so easy to do on machines with a START button right above the needle. This form of damage is easily avoided on the 12000 with the LOCK button on the screen. At first I thought it was a dumb idea, but I'm growing to like it more and more!

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The Janome website listed a built in needle threader on the 12000, but I don't see it, looking at photo's of the machine. Does it have a needle threader or not? I can't imagine a TOL without a needle threader.
That's kind of a deal killer for me.
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