Re: Quilting feet for 11000

Sherry Martin

I just realized you said quilting feet not free motion feet. I was talking about the set of 3 free motion feet and a holder for them. If that is what you are talking about, they aren't snap-on feet they come witheir own spring motion ankle, and I was told they won't work with the new machine.

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Do you mean the set that comes with 3 feet? I was told they didn't work so traded them in when I bought my 12000. But the 12000 comes with 4 different quilting/darning feet so I don't think you need them anyway.

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I bought the extra quilting feet for the 11000, was wondering if I can use them on the 12000. They were expensive so hoping I can. I put the card they came on in a safe place and am still looking for it :(
Kris in Aus

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