Re: Prewound cardboard sided bobbins - do they work in the 12000?

Jim_Stutsman <jim@...>

NEBS plastic bobbins are size L, shorter than class 15 which is also sold as class A. They will work, BUT as they run lower on thread they tend to bounce around. We sold them for a while but stopped when we had several boxes of them with burrs due to a bad mold. I got tired of filing 144 bobbins at a time! They also have a VERY annoying habit of sometimes tying the thread on the bobbin before winding. When you get to the end, it can't pull the free end of the thread out of the bobbin, so the bobbin case gets popped up and often gets damaged as a result. So, no, I don't much like NEBS bobbins either! If they work for you, keep using them until they're gone, then get the genuine Janomes.

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What about the Nebs bobbins for doing embroidery? I never had problems with them in the 11000 machine and was told they wouldn't work, but they worked for me. Are Nebs class 15 bobbins? They don't have cardboard sides. Is it just the carboard sides you would not use?


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