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The price is OK. That's about $20 off the regular price. It will *PROBABLY* work. I say that because right now the 12000 has no support for external CD drives. It is supposedly coming in a future update, but right not it's not available. The other caveat is about the drive itself. Janome made their CD drive so it would operate on very low power, from the meager amount of power offered by the USB ports on their machines. When using non-Janome drives it is usually necessary to have an external power supply. If you are buying a CD or DVD player for use with the 12000, make sure it has that supply. It also would be a good idea to wait for the update to see exactly what works and what doesn't!

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I was told that a portable DVD player would work great with the 12000--copy all embroidery files on a disc and use that. Best Buy has a Dynex™ - Refurbished 9" Portable DVD Player listed on their outlet for 49.99. Would this work with the 12000 and is this a deal to good to be true?

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