Re: Wingneedles for Embroidery

Jim_Stutsman <jim@...>

We used them on the 11000, but have yet to try on the 12000. However if you use a size 100 it should be fine. After going into embroidery mode and putting in the needle, turn the hand wheel and make sure the needle clears the hole in the plate. Embroidery is done in the left needle position, so it will be close, but as long as it isn't touching it should be fine.

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Is it ok to use wingneedle embroidery files in the 12000?  Thread n Scissors created some really beautiful designs I'd like to be able to use.  If the wingneedle fits comfortably through the plate when the needle is advanced by hand, is it safe to use?
Thanks for your help.
Mary in Texas

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