Re: Prewound cardboard sided bobbins - do they work in the 12000?

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As long as they are the correct class or size for your machine the NEBS should be fine. According to AllStitch the NEBs Class 15 (Size A) bobbins are the correct size for a Janome 11000. I purchase prewound all the time now because I don't like how my 11000 winds its own bobbins. I only use my own bobbin winding for special colors of my embroidery threads when I need the exact same color. For the cost of these expensive machines I'd not take the chance on using a cardboard bobbin. Now if the pre-wound bobbin companies would "recycle" bobbins - let us send them back - that would be great - give us a little discount for sending back the bobbins, cut down on waste and be more "green". Some will tell you the bulk prewounds won't work in your machine so you'll buy what they have to offer - but we do need to remember to buy enough things from the small stores so they stay in business.

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What about the Nebs bobbins for doing embroidery? I never had problems with them in the 11000 machine and was told they wouldn't work, but they worked for me. Are Nebs class 15 bobbins? They don't have cardboard sides. Is it just the carboard sides you would not use?

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> I really don't like that idea! The problem with those bobbins is that when they get near empty the cardboard side can slip down, allowing the needle thread to wrap around the core of the bobbin. Then the needle thread cannot pull up, and it can lead to the bobbin case being pulled out of position and stabbed by the needle. Also, because the bobbin is thinner than the normal class 15, it can prevent the bobbin sensor from working correctly and may even interfere with the thread cutter.
> It's better to wind them off onto a standard bobbin, and when they are gone don't get any more in that size.
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> > I have been using the prewound cardboard sided bobbins in my 7700. I put an extra piece of the cardboard on the bobbin of the bobbin case to give it a little extra thickness. Will the prewound cardboard sided bobbins work in the 12000? Thanks. Gina
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