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It's a military term that goes back at least to WWII (World War II). It stands for "Rest and Relaxation".

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What does R & R stand for? Rest and relax....right? Just wanted to know as I can be dumb in these kind of short hand words!! Ha!

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On 2013-02-07, at 4:44 PM, vicki chrobak wrote:

I can certainly understand her need for R & R, especially after 100
cupcakes! Please pass profound thanks to her for all the work.
Vicki Jo

On 2/7/2013 6:03 PM, Jim_Stutsman wrote:
We learned a heck of a lot about making videos in volume 1, so 2 won't take as long. We're shooting for a summer release. Diane needs a little R&R right now, after spending 2 full days embroidering 100 cupcake designs on a T-shirt for a granddaughter!

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