Re: hoop size

Jim_Stutsman <jim@...>

A design that is 145 x 145 will fit in the SQ23 (230 x 230) hoop that came with your machine. There aren't any other options now, as Janome has not released any other hoops for the machine. Digitizer MBX offers a choice of hoop ASQ22, which I expect will be a magnetic hoop like those on the 11000, but no word on when that will be available.

--- In, "Liz" <dse7sew@...> wrote:

I have a design 145x145, what hoop would I have to use to embroider this on the 12000 ?? Going by the ones that come with it I would have to use the 230x300 to fit it in OR is there another one that I could buy which is smaller and fits the machine to save wasteing material. Liz

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