Re: Is there any way to get a viking ankle to work on Janome


I just looked the special foot for making long buttonholes on the 12000, the stock number is: 202082008 hope this helps!

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Tracy, I've not been able to get it to work on the Janome. Perhaps someone
else might know a trick.

I have a Designer SE - so when I need one of the 45-50 wonderful feet that I
have for that machine, I have to use the machine itself. Actually, I was
trying to make a buttonhole on the MC12000 last week and the buttonhole foot
does not make a buttonhole longer than a tiny bit over 1". I had a button
that was 1 1/8 and it would not fit in the foot to make that size
buttonhole. I had to make my buttonhole on the Viking and use the Viking
Buttonhole foot. It will make just about any size buttonhole. With the
Janome it's possible to make longer buttonholes, but you have to use a
regular foot and then hope that you can keep everything straight. I've not
had good luck doing that.


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viking ankle to work on Janome

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I have had a viking D1 for many years so I have lots of feet. I was
wondering if anyone out there had figured out how to get a viking ankle to
work on this machine, it seems like it wouldn't line up correctly. If anyone
has done this or has any ideas I would appreciate it.

Tracy in WY

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