Re: Is there any way to get a viking ankle to work on Janome


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I have had a viking D1 for many years so I have lots of feet. I was wondering if anyone out there had figured out how to get a viking ankle to work on this machine, it seems like it wouldn't line up correctly.
See my write up here

You are correct that it will not correctly line up so you'll have to make adjustments to the drop needle position for straight stitches, or for straight stitches and just a few more stitches like zig zag and blanket stitches you need to select a Sewing Application (see pages 67-83 of the manual). Best to manually check if your needle clears the presser foot opening first. The MC12000 will not allow you to adjust the needle drop position for decorative stitches as far as I can tell, which is something that I have been using for years on my other machines quite frequently.


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