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I've run into this problem with VMware Fusion as well, and it's 100% a Windows problem. To prevent piracy Microsoft uses a very complex system called "Windows Product Activation". When you first install Windows (XP or later), a very long number is derived from complex calculations involving the serial number of your CPU chip, the hard drive, amount of memory, network card(s) and other items that only Microsoft knows. Each and every time you boot up this number is recalculated and compared with the previous one. If it differs by too much, then you will receive a message that Windows needs to be activated. Until you do go through this "activation" process, you will be told that your copy of Windows is not legitimate. After 3 days it will stop functioning. You are allowed 2 activations online. Then you will be offered the option of calling and going through the mess that you experienced.

The underlying cause is that each time the virtual environment upgrades (Parallels or Fusion), the virtual machine changes too. That's what triggers Windows to think that the computer has changed, and that you are running it on a different computer, i.e. piracy. Fusion has modified the way it handles VMs. After a Fusion update, when I open a virtual machine it asks whether I want to upgrade it. With Windows 7, a "Yes" answer always triggers the activation warning. Fortunately I keep backups of all my virtual machines, so it's easy to go back to the original and answer "No" to the upgrade question.

Once again Microsoft proves that copy protection hurts the paying customers more than the pirates, and their cavalier attitude of blaming Apple reinforces our reason for moving to the Mac in the first place. This problem will affect all Parallels users with Windows 7, so you should go to the Parallels forums and read the posts there. With a lot of people being affected, it's likely that someone has found a work-around.

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I updated my Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac today....and then my Windows 7 popped up saying it wasn't a legit program. I tried to re-install Windows...but it won't....I suspect 'cause it comes up as already installed. I called Microsoft, and after 30 min. Waiting and being sent to 3 different people...I was told Apple would have to fix the problem. I argued but to no avail. Lo and behold Apple said just what I expected - we don't have any way to fix a problem with Windows.

I see others are using Mac with Parallels....any suggestions?

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