Re: Embf folder and other dislikes

vicki chrobak

Barbara, I have the 12000 & Designer Ruby. I guess I don't see what the need is to put any more designs on the USB stick than I plan on working with in the near future. For both machines. I use a 4gb stick with no time problem. In the meantime I store my designs on a separate stick as well as external hard drive. I do agree that the Embf folder is a wasted step. The quietness, the power especially , the location of the arm & the variable zigzag are the features that sold me on the 12000. And the learning curve was very simple. (not to say I've learned everything!) While I personally have no problem getting the fabric taut, I usually use the baste in the hoop method with excellent results. One thing I do miss on the 12000 is the stitch count & following the progress on the machine's screen. But what the hey, they are both fun toys!!!

On 1/23/2013 9:19 PM, bbathe46 wrote:
I have the Janome 12000 plus the Designer Diamond Deluxe and a Brother 10 needle machine. What I don't like about the Janome is that you have to put all the designs in the Embf folder to stich them out and you can't make individual folders to organize them. Maybe I'm missing something but I recent put lots if designs on a stick and each time I went back to pick another design to stitch out, it took forever for the machine to read the USB stick. On my Viking and Brother, I can create folders and put the designs in each folder and the machines will read them. Also I find that when I bring the designs up in the touch screen of the Janome they are hard to see clearly. My designer shows them much clearer in a 3D view. I find the screen in general to be far inferior to the screens of my other TOL machines.
I do like the embroidery arm and the way that it folds up out of the way but don't care for the hoops. I find it practically impossible to hoop the fabric tightly no matter what I do. Like many of you, I wish that there was a mid-sized hoop.
Any suggestions on how to organize the designs on the stick so that it works more efficiently? At this point I am really thinking of selling the machine. Thanks for letting my vent.

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