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Your quality of work is absolutely beautiful, however after reading your posting  I will have to agree with you about the Janome.  It is wonderful you have the ability to have all of those high end machines, but as you posted even though the built in designs are what you purchased them for they only do 80% of what the Janome can do.  I have the 12,000 and have been a Janome owner for well over 10 years and truly love the 12,000 more than any other Janome I have had in the past.  I had the 11,000 for 3 years and thought I would never want or need a another machine, but after having my 12,000 for over a year now I know I was wrong.  The 12,000 is a fantastic machine and I have test drove others.
Barbara if you select the 12,000 I know you will be thrilled with it.

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> My designer one is on its last legs sadly and I have been looking for a new machine .
> After much research and reading on yahoo groupsand sewingpatternreview I have come down to a choice of two . The Janome 12000 and the Pfaff creative performance.

> Thankyou Barbara
Hi Barbara,

I have a Viking Designer 1 too, as well as the Janome MC12000, the BERNINA 830LE and three other BERNINA embroidery/sewing systems and the Pfaff Creative Vision 5.5 which in terms of features and capabilities is between the Pfaff Sensation and the Pfaff Creative Performance. I am fortunate to be able to hop from one machine to another to use its best features not offered on another brand. For me, the Janome MC12000 was the easiest to learn.

Each of my machines does roughly 80% of the other. It's the other 20% of these TOL machines that differentiate them from the other brands. Like another member said, service and the dealer is very important. If they are sold by the same dealer, then you may not need to worry about that. Another important consideration is what you are looking to do with it. You didn't say whether or not you wanted to get the optional embroidery unit for the Pfaff Creative Performance. If so, Pfaff has a greater assortment of hoops than the Janome, but the Pfaff is slower at embroidering. If you get the optional Pfaff larger embroidery unit, you will be able to use the 360 x 350mm Grand Dream Hoop which is much larger than the Janome MC12000's largest hoop.

For me, Pfaff has the nicest decorative stitches of all my machines, but you may differ. I bought the Pfaff CV primarily for its decorative stitches. I bought the Janome MC12000 to have its narrow Acufeed. The MC12000 feeds bulky garments and home dec projects than the Pfaff (and the Viking Designer 1). Pfaff's IDT is different from Janome's Acufeed, but they generally have the same purpose. It's "how they feel". I recommend you bring some sample fabrics/projects you normally work on and try them out on both machines to see what works for you and see what features of the Pfaff over the Janone are more important to you. It may be a personal preference. As you have the Designer 1, the Pfaff may seem more familiar to you. When I first sat down at a Pfaff CV, it was no problem on threading it, as it is basically the same as with the Designer 1. Also, you'll be able to use your Designer 1 bobbins in the Pfaff Creative Performance as they are the same. But that is all you'll be able to use interchangeably unless you adapt a Viking ankle to use on the Pfaff (or the Janome--I can do that).

You can see my level of sewing/embroidery experience here

You can contact me privately, if you have more questions.

Hope this helps!

Ed "Kanga" Roux

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