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The help files in the program do give you a few more options.  I think if you copy them off and work with each section of the program individually you may change your mind.  I do love the program although I will admit it takes some getting used to,  remembering that the designs do have to keep within the 8.7 sewing area  from there may help.
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I finally made time to check out the software that came with the acufil kit. I bought it mostly because I wanted the hoop, which I really like, but wasn't convinced I'd need/like the software, as I have MBX. Unless I am totally missing something (quite possible!), I was right. I decided to use the stippling designs (the ones with quilted designs in the middle, and stippling around them) in my blank squares, and some version of stippling in the patterned squares for a wall hanging that has 7 1/2 inch blocks.So I put in the dimensions, and as I kept hearing how the software automatically adjusted a design to the space, I thought it would fill up the 7 1/2 square. Wrong! The design is only 4 1/2 inches, and can only be sized up or down 10%, so it was a stippled design surrounded by empty space within the embroidable area, which would look goofy if I tried to fill it with motifs. Even if you stamped motifs, what kind of nightmare of jump stitches would it cr eate, with out the option of digitizing connecting run lines for a more realistic quilting look? At first I thought there was something wrong with my printer, but no, it was true to size. The minimum "border" width you can plug in is 4 inches, but that doesn't mean the design fills that whole border! When I printed the template for what I chose, it was 2 inches wide. Also, there is no way to preview what the designs look like across the whole project, with the borders, etc. If there is, I couldn't find it, and Nancy didn't demo it in the webinar. (Which you can view by going to the US Janome website, project center, projects, webinars). I am VERY disappointed in the software. Unless you want to stipple the whole quilt,I don't find it useful at all, unless you design a quilt around the size and option of what the software gives you. (Even then, the designs are not created to "connect" to give you that never ending, never crossing patte rn of traditional stippling. they are all closed designs.) I even tried bringing the designs into MBX to resize, but as they are not JAN files, the result was awful, with up to 6 mm stitch lengths, which I couldn't change because of how the software interpreted the stitch file. I must admit I didn't try easy edit, but it would be easier and quicker, I'm sure to re-digitze than edit all those stitches. On the demo, even with the calculations, sometimes the software would say how much of an area would not be covered, and is that not very useful. Easily adjusted to an exact size in MBX, if working with a JAN file. Why couldn't the files be JAN instead of JPX? And I must admit I was hoping that the software was a true quilting program. If I'm missing something, please educate me. I'm willing to give it another shot, and another review. Right now, I like the hoop, but not the software. Barbara Jen

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