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We can't speak to the worthiness of Tutto bags, as we never used or sold them.

The 4120QDC would be a good class machine, but if you are looking for light weight you should also check out the 3160QDC. It has half the stitches (60 vs 120), but weights almost 2 pounds less. We sold a LOT of those as class machines. At the Houston Quilt show a couple of years back they even gave one away with the purchase of a 7700.

Given the "newness" of your machines, you should be able to get a good price for both. Good luck!

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Diane and Jim,
Have safe travels!
Does anyone know yet if the 12000 will fit in the one extra large Tutto rolling bag? I just bought the 1X Tutto in red 2 weeks ago and haven't even used it yet.
Also, is the Janome 4120 QDC a very good machine for taking to classes etc? One dealer I spoke to said it was modeled from the 7700? I'm a little confused as to what to get, but I will need a second machine for quilt piecing and simple garment construction.
Well, I called several dealers, all within a 1 1/2 to 2 hour drive from me. Told them no games....just please be honest and tell me the bottom line for price and would I be better off to sell my 2 machines, the 11000 bought in February this year and the 7700 bought 2 months ago.
I've decided to sell my beloved machines privately and now I am having dream upon dream of me sitting at my new 12000 machine in my sewing room. Oh, I can't wait.
I am reading every post and making notes and lists of what I might need to buy extra.
Wish me luck on selling my machines so I can hurry up and join the happiness train!
And, Jim, I'm with you....NO SNOW! lol
Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Gloria in MA

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