Re: Couple of issues

maggie cooper

Nita, Generations doesnt support the 12000 hoops, in fact its a tad archaic, so when you created your designs and exported to Jef, dependant on which export you used, the program simply decided it knew better than you.
If you want to use  Generations to digitise for your 12000 you have to export to DST, take a colour chart print out before exporting, then download Wilcoms True sizer or any free design viewer, and convert the DST to Jef. It's a pain, but generations isnt keeping up with current TOL machines.
Use Export 11, for DST or 111 for Tajima DST, then use your colour chart print out to change the threads on the machine AFTER you convert the design in Wilcoms True sizer.  Its the only way to get around Generations breaking your design into 3 parts.
Maggie Cooper in UK.

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