Foot up and down question


While I primarily bought the 12000 for its big hoop embroidery capabilities, I was doing a handbag project this past weekend where I wanted to utilize some of the 12000 specific sewing features, particularly the narrow AcuFeed zipper foot and built in precision cloth guide. 
I liked the way my project came out but encountered a machine idiosyncracy that was bugging me.  It was the automatic/powered presser foot up/down override.  I was trying to get a close start alignment on my fabric and whenever I would start to ease the foot up just a little bit with the lever in the back in order to slightly adjust my fabric, it would trigger auto up mode, which tended to startle me and and cause me to shift my fabric.  Then it wouldn't let me manually lower the foot with the back lever (only allowing me to use the foot down button on the front).  I really missed the ability to do a soft, slow, manual lowering of the presser foot on my fabric.
Is this a characteristic of the machine...that the manual foot down ability is disabled in favor of the automatic function?  Or is it something I've inadvertently configured in my settings somewhere...and if so, how do I change it?

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