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Hi Sue,
The 12000 sounds complicated and confusing because it has so much potential.  Also, keep in mind that members of this group come from all paths and experience levels, from embroidery newbies to those that are using some of the machine's really advanced features and from experienced Janome users to brand newcomers. I define myself as somewhere in the middle in terms of sewing and embroidery skills.  My previous experience had been with other Janome machines, including a MC3000, MC6600P, 350E, 4800 (which was traded in as part of the deal on the 12000) and sergers. This definitely helped the learning curve as there are a number of similarities that are peculiar to Janome (such as the needle threader, threading path, etc.). 
That said, when I got my 12000, the dealer did a 'getting started' overview with me of about an hour (attaching/removing the embroidery unit, basic screen and menu navigation, using help screens, etc) and this was plenty to get me started.  I had hooked up the embroidery unit, formatted a USB drive, and done a composite filigree style embroidery design for a window topper in one of the large hoops within days of getting my machine with very little confusion.   I didn't even initially set up HorizonLink on my computer because I was comfortable moving designs via USB.  Since then, I have loaded the software (with some tips from my dealer) hooked my laptop to the machine, gotten a few of the new accessories, and gradually begun using more of the built in features. Most recently, I did some regular "sewing" on it using the narrow accufeed foot (a definite improvement over the wider 6600 accufeed) and built in sewing clothsetter (way cool).  While I was occasionally muttering curses under my breath about where they 'hid' a particular customization setting, I haven't found the machine that difficult to learn.  Though the tutorials on the Janome website do help because they show the potential of doing things that I hadn't even thought about.

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Subject: [janome12000] Convince me to go try out the 12000
I started out with the 8000, then the 10,000 with the upgrade. My beloved 10M is now sending me error messages like "the data on the card is damaged, etc.", then it embroiders fine. I thought it was time to look at the 12M and it sounded like a fantastic machine, but after reading all your posts, it sounds soooo complicated and confusing. I don't know if I should visit my dealer and check it out or continue to wonder if my 10M is going to give me even more problems. I don't quilt, but I make all my own clothes, sew for my home, and LOVE to embroider. I use my machine a lot.

Is it really as complicated as it sounds? All I need is a little push and I'll be at my dealer's front door! Thanks for your help.

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