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I have a program called embird that I downloaded from the internet. In that program you can set up custom hoop sizes. I haven't tried it yet to see if it will work for the 12000 hoops.

It is a program kind of inbetween a really expensive program and the software that comes with the machine. You can do more editing than comes with machine, convert designs from other formats, buy extra text fonts,etc. It also has an upgrade that is a digitizing program but that is something I won't ever do, so the basic program works really good for me.
Hi Sherry

Embird is the best. It not only converts any format to any other format, I just finished digitizing a 12 block redwork wall hanging using Embird for the large hoop for the 12000. The program is really user friendly. I wouldn't have any other. It was a mix of pictures and fonts and sewed out beautifully on the 12000. I have the best of all worlds with Embird and the Janome 12000.
Happy Thanksgiving Nettie Winnipeg Canada

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