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Patricia Ward

That is a great video and is exactly what my dealer stated about some of the big box store sewing machines coming in for repair. He also said he has seen two instances of where the plastic parts in a serger melted together. So this quality would apply to a serger as well.

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Thanks Susan, for responding. I will look at the video! Katy

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I traded in my Brother Innovis 4500 on the Janome 12000 recently. I have
not regretted it at all! The Brother did a good job with embroidery but I
did not like the way it sewed at all. I really like the 12000 sew much
better! You might want to consider trading in a machine if the dealer will
do that. I don't think you will regret the 12000.

This video was posted this morning on one of my quilting groups. Be sure
and watch it thru to the end. It's worth it!

Susan Smith


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