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Thanks to all who responded to my questions. You all brought up some points I hadn't thought about. I am really getting excited about taking the plunge!

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Hello Everyone,
I spent about 2 hours today with a very nice dealer who showed me the 12000, as well as discussed models below it. The 12000 is $8,000, double what the 8800's price is. So, is everyone happy they went with the embroidery? How much do you actually use it? Is $8,000 a good price? The dealer said that includes the embroidery case, but not the hard machine case, and I would have to buy the Acu Fill software that does all the extra quilting patterns separately for $499. What kind of things were included with your machines? If you compared this to Babylock, Bernina or Brother machines, what factors lead you to buy the Janome?

I appreciate any comments and thoughts, as this is a BIG purchase and I am on the fence about the price tag. I have an cottage sewing business, doing everything from bridesmaids' dresses to zipper repairs. I quilt when there's time, and love to make doll clothes and pretty things for my girls. I own a used Bernette Deco that I have done very little with because I haven't figured out how to get motifs from the computer to the machine....buying used meant no lessons! This is an attractive feature of buying new from a dealer who offers unlimited lessons!

Thanks, Katy
Katy, IMHO, the 1200 is hands down. the best sewing & embroidery machine
I've ever owned. I can't talk about Acufil as I don't have it. I use
my machine all the time even though I have 3 others.

Vicki Jo

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