Re: To buy or not to buy?


The 12000 is an awesome machine and very reliable.  If you will never embroider you could consider the 8900, but do consider the 12000.  Here are just a few of the benefits of this machine compared to others:
1. It is very, very quiet
2. The embroidery module can sit permanently  in back of the machine so the "footprint" of the machine is NOT like a semi-tractor/trailer on your sewing table.
3. It has many sewing features that you can access through menus that lead you through each process.  As a professional you may find that unnecessary, but it really does save time.
4. The free motion quilting is a dream.  You can also do variable zig zag free motion work which is awesome for art quilts and other uses.
5. The embroidery is exceptional and the large hoops are very nice.  We all hope that Janome will release a smaller hoop such as a 5 X 7 since many designs are that size and it would save stabilizer.
6. The Accufeed feet provide built-in walking foot capabilities and  are very special and versatile.  These help feed fabric from both the top as well as the bottom.  This is very beneficial for quilting and garment sewing.  There are several feet included.
7. The 12000 is an easy-to-use machine.  It takes a little practice, but it is intuitive.  
8. It uses tried and true technology for thread delivery so there are few chances for thread breakage and bobbin issues.
9. The extra pull-down light helps illuminate the sewing or quilting area. 
10.If you have a good dealer who will provide classes and proper maintenance, you will have a winner in this machine. 
11. Other machines have their own bells and whistles, but the 12000 seems to be a workhorse.

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