Re: circle stitcher

sewnana1990 <marsha.ryan@...>

I can't compare, I didn't have one before. I know it had a different part# than the one for 11K, that could be so they could charge more????

--- In janome12000@..., Patricia Ward <> wrote:

I called my dealer today and he told me that the circle stitcher for the
11000 fits the 12000. It is the same one.
Is this the case? I thought it might be different because of the 9mm


On Sat, Dec 29, 2012 at 11:23 AM, sewnana1990 <marsha.ryan@...>wrote:

I purchased the circle stitcher about a month ago. Haven't used it yet,
but it looks like the 11K one, just for the 9mm.

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