Re: Purchase Anxiety

sandy k

I have to say, of all the brands of machines and models have I owned, this is the only one that does everything good. I could let all my others go and be perfectly happy with the 12000. But I would suggest keeping the 350E to have the 2 smaller hoops, and I use it to travel with. As far as sewing, once you sew on the 12000, you wont want to sew on anything else.

Sandy Kent/Quilter
Magnolia Springs Texas

From: bc76quilts
To: janome12000@...
Sent: Sunday, December 30, 2012 8:56 AM
Subject: [janome12000] Purchase Anxiety

I am new to this group but have enjoyed reading past posts. I am talking with my dealer about trading in my 350e and 6300 for the 12000. I really want a larger hoop than my 5x7. I love both my machines and have major anxiety about having only one machine for both sewing and embroidery. I have not been able to test drive yet (they sold out over Christmas), but hopefully their shipment will come in this week. On the Janome website some people complained about the needle threader. Seems kind of minor to me with all the other bells and whistles. ;)

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