Re: Rolling Tote

Patricia Ward

Hi Sally!  Glad to see you here and also to know you are getting this wonderful machine.  My dealer in Dover said that Janome is working on a rolling tote for the 12000.  He didn't think that the 12000 would fit into the 7700 bag because this machine is a tad larger. 

I guess as with all machines, it is so new that all of the accessories and add ons are still on the drawing board or in the process of being made.


On Wed, Nov 23, 2011 at 10:07 AM, sallyhsews <SJHuhn@...> wrote:
I'm Sally from East Central FL and I've been a Jim Stutsman fan almost as long as I've been a Janome fan.  Jim, thanks so much for this group. My 12,000 is on the way and I hope arriving next week.  I have been looking for a rolling tote that will fit the width of this machine.  Has anyone found one that will work?


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