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Hello, my name is Tina and I comes from Germany. Dear Jim, thank you that you created this group. Get next week I mean 12000, make me happy already much. My sewing machine dealer tested that the 12000 in the Trolley of the Horizon 7700 fits, if the interior bag is removed.
I am speak not English, and my message was translated.
Best regards tina

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I'm not positive that it will fit the 12000 but I had a tote from Blue Fig that fit my 11000. I actually traded it in when I got the 12000 because I bought a 3160 to take to classes and I wanted a smaller tote for that instead. I got what I think was a really good deal by trading in my 11000 and a 24x32 sew steady table, cloth setter and all other accessories that won't fit either the 12000 or 3160. I bought a 12000, a 3160 (which is the one the dealer said was the best for classes), and a replacement sew steady table.

If you google Blue Fig they have a web site, and the sizes of their totes are listed.

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I'm Sally from East Central FL and I've been a Jim Stutsman fan almost as long as I've been a Janome fan. Jim, thanks so much for this group. My 12,000 is on the way and I hope arriving next week. I have been looking for a rolling tote that will fit the width of this machine. Has anyone found one that will work?


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