Re: converting large designs to fit our hoops

Jim_Stutsman <jim@...>

The best solution to your design conversion problem would be Janome's new Digitizer MBX. However it's not yet available to all dealers, and that's overkill if you don't want to create your own designs. That digitizing software comes from Wilcom, and they also have a free conversion program:

To convert your designs with TrueSizer follow these steps:
1. Download and install TrueSizer e2. Open it when done.

2. Open one of your PES designs using "File -> Open".

3. Use the measuring tool (Type M) to get the overall size of your design. If necessary, rotate the design using the rotate tool on the top toolbar.

4. Use "File -> Save As" to open the file save dialog. Change the format at the bottom to "Janome JEF".

5. Click the "Options" button in the bottom right corner and select either the MB-4 machine. That will give you the M1 hoop which is 200 x 240mm (about 8" x 10").

6. When you open the design in HorizonLink, the hoop will be changed to the size necessary to stitch it on the 12000. When opening the design in your machine, pay close attention to the hoop displayed on the screen and make sure you use that hoop.

If you have a design that is larger than the M1 hoop this process won't work. For the moment only Digitizer MBX will do what you need. Eventually the 3rd party conversion programs will be updated, but for now this is your best option.

--- In, "Pam Rowe" <waginwag@...> wrote:

Thanks for your help, have downloaded the foot app and look forward to ones
for the 12.

I have some large designs I would like to convert from pes to jef but my
buzz hasn't got hoop sizes in its programme yet. Has anyone solved this


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