when you have a problem let Janome know!


I work at a Janome store and also own a 12K machine which I absolutely love. I've been letting the owner of our store know about the various conversations that go on in this group. In particular the issue about the machine embroidering with the foot up caught our attention, not having heard of anyone who had the problem. Bam! Today she announced that HER machine had done that very thing. It was embroidering a design that she'd digitized in MBX and it did it several times. Each time she shut the machine down but it repeated itself. A phone call was made to Gasmond at Janome (head of Service) and he said that he didn't think it was possible for such a thing to happen, and that he'd never heard anyone complain about it nor report on it. So, my friends, my advice is that if you are experiencing problems with your machine please, please do let Janome know, otherwise just talking about it won't get anything fixed.

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