Re: 11000 foot holder

Jim_Stutsman <jim@...>

As noted, the 11000 foot holder is available online. Most of the high-shank screw on-feet (which is all the 11000 screw-on feet) should work fine. We've checked the narrow zipper foot and it works great. If by "offset free motion embroidery foot" you mean the one with the spring that hops up and down, it works but you don't need to keep it. Every standard foot that comes with the 11000 also comes with the 12000, and a few have been improved. To decide what to keep, check the front of your 11000 manual to see what feet it came with. Keep everything else.

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If I do decide to go a head and buy the 12000 I would like to get the foot holder so I can use some of the extra feet I bought for the 11000, where can I get one from???? I have looked at the janome sites and cannot see one so I guess its only avaiable yo dealers?

Can you use the feet that do not require the foot holder, the ones that screw diect to the shaft? I have an offset free motion embroidery foot which I use a lot I would love to be able to keep it.

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