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Thanks for setting me straight, I was just going on what my Vdealer was telling me. I would much rather have the hoop info available than the new format.


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The latest update to the Husqvarna/Pfaff 5D Professional software does include the hoops for the 12000 and will save in jef format for those hoops. It incorrectly includes assumes that hoops from previous Janome machines will also work on the 12000. The update will not save in JPX format, just jef format.

Donna M

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If any of your designs came from you can change the format in your preferences and download them again in the new format. I have Viking's 4D software and it will save designs in JEF format as well as other formats. Just heard from my Viking dealer that the new 5D Professional upgrade will save designs in the new Janome 12000, JPX format.


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I just loaded the horizon link, on my computer. And I am playing with it. My first question is: How do I go about, changing my designs, that I already have, that are in pes and vip format, to the Jef format. And is there a way to do that, so I don't have to do one at a time? And is that all I have to do, so the designs will work on my 12,000.


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