Using Pfaff, Viking, Brother/Babylock/Elna Diva-9000 Presser Feet on MC12000


I have ALL of the Janome, Pfaff, Viking, Brother/Babylock/Elna Diva-9000 presser feet and can use most of them on my four BERNINAs, when BERNINA does not have a comparable foot. Yes I have all the BERNINA 9mm and 5.5mm presser feet as well.

Because I have this variety, a few times in my less than 2 months of having the MC12000, I caught myself thinking "I wish I could use a particular Pfaff 9mm presser foot on my MC12000" because Janome does not have a comparable one available.

Well I solved that problem today by attaching a Brother SA131 Low Shank Adapter to the Janome MC12000. I then attach either a Pfaff, Viking, and Brother/Babylock ankle to the SA131 Low Shank Adapter to use virtually any of their feet on my MC12000. The 9mm Janome stitches clear the new style Pfaff 9mm pressure feet (with the curved needle opening made after the Pfaff CV came out). Of course, if you are using 7mm or smaller presser feet from any of the other manufacturers, you have to make sure your needle clears it, like you would with the Janome 7mm feet.

I'm liking my Janome MC12000 a little bit more! Just thought I'd pass that along for any of you that have other manufacturer's presser feet or wish you could use a specialty presser foot from another manufacturer.


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