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Me too, I love my 12000, the only thing I miss is the automatic threader from my 10000. I didn't have the 11000.

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Jim may I ecco Diane's words, the more I use the 12,000 the more I love it, it really is an awesome machine

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Actually if you can make the numbers work, that's all that really matters. So far we have yet to hear anyone with buyer's remorse. Every time Diane uses her 12000 she loves it more. That's the long and short of the pros and cons.

I would avoid eBay for selling your 11000 though. They've raised the fees to a pretty high level, and there is a lot of fraud. If you live in a metropolitan area, you might try Craig's List. Terms should be cash only, and you meet at a public place like the Police Station.

Keep any feet that you bought for your 11000. Buy an extra 11000 foot holder and you can use them on the 12000. Use the ClothSetter as a deal sweetener - it won't work on the 12000.

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> New to this group, I have an 11000 which I bought pre-loved in 2007. I am seriously considering the new machine.
> As a pensioner it will be a huge outlay for me even after I have sold my 11000 and put the cash towards the new machine, so I need to be sure I am doing the right thing. My dealer has advised me to sell the machine on Ebay, as its really worth more than the trade in. I have updated it twice, and have bought different feet for it so whoever buys it will get a good deal. I also have the cloth setter for it.
> I will be interested to hear any pro's (a lot I know) and cons, ease of use etc of the machine from those of you who have already got the machine and I know from experience that Jims advice will be invaluable.
> Jim I hope you and your wife enjoy your retirement. Your previous involvement with the 11000 was invaluable, I had reason to contact you several times and you always had an answer.

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