Re: For Jim - Info regarding Accessories

ANNE <amd15@...>

Hi Jim,

This is fantastic news and I will await to obtain the update for the FootBook...

Can I just mention I have bought every accessory available for my Horizon 7700 and would like to know if any of these at all will fit the 12000? I know the Accufeed accessories will not fit the 12000 but wondered about the other feet otherwise when I sell the 7700 I can then sell off my accessories that go with it. Some like the circular plate and huge binding unit I have for it I have never even used yet! Also, are there going to be lots of accessories, extra feet etc. that one has to purchase for the 12000?

Thanks again for your help.

Saudi Arabia

--- In, "Jim_Stutsman" <jim@...> wrote:

Annie we're planning to update FootBook to include the feet unique to the 12000. Once Janome has released all the feet we'll do an update. It will be free to existing iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad app users.

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