I am a Newbie

Anne <csarina43@...>

New to this group, I have an 11000 which I bought pre-loved in 2007. I am seriously considering the new machine.

As a pensioner it will be a huge outlay for me even after I have sold my 11000 and put the cash towards the new machine, so I need to be sure I am doing the right thing. My dealer has advised me to sell the machine on Ebay, as its really worth more than the trade in. I have updated it twice, and have bought different feet for it so whoever buys it will get a good deal. I also have the cloth setter for it.

I will be interested to hear any pro's (a lot I know) and cons, ease of use etc of the machine from those of you who have already got the machine and I know from experience that Jims advice will be invaluable.

Jim I hope you and your wife enjoy your retirement. Your previous involvement with the 11000 was invaluable, I had reason to contact you several times and you always had an answer.

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