Re: Stitch samples


Jennie - I drew it out by hand as follows -
cut 2 pieces of calico and 1 piece of stabiliser 8" wide x 10" high.
Draw lines down centre and 1/2" either side
Draw lines across at 1/2" intervals.
Divide each large box in half horizontally.
I draw a small arrow at the top to show which way I stitched the row - I always start in the centre and work to the edge trying to keep to the centre line as much as possible (hence the centre line)
When I've stitched all the designs I store them in plastic wallets labelled with the category in a folder .

I've uploaded a photo showing the grid.

Hope that makes it clear how I created the samples - this afternoon I've managed to do the Satin stitches and Quilting stitches - still lots more to do.


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