Re: For Jim - Hello and Thank you!

maggie cooper

to return to the UK next year. I am a member of a enthusiatic group of quilters here in the eastern province and we meet up twice a week, every Sunday and Tuesday.
Annie, I havn't been to Dubai, but if it's anything like Abu Dhabi, stock up on fabric, trims, notions, , in fact everything for your sewing needs. I spent two weeks of sheer torture in Abu Dhabi last year, why sheer torture? well I didnt have the millions of pounds I needd to buy up the simply vast range of of things on offer for the sewist. I found trims that here in England I have paid upward of £20 a metre for from Mcullock and Wallis for a fraction of what I would pay here. The most beautiful what I would call lower end fabrics, the synthetc gorgetts, satins etc. The Indian fabric shops were Aladin's caves, the trims and notions simply unbelieveable. I found the good natural fibres and silks were actually more reasonably priced here in UK, particularly if as I do, you purchase from the Mills direct like Whaleys of Bradford.
I came home with my suitcase stuffed with Indian fabrics and trims. Oh for more pennies and a bigger suitcase.

Maggie in England.

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