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While the 8200/8900 machines were based on the 12000, the thread cutting port almost certainly requires hardware that the 12000 does not have. It would also require a software update to the 12000 to implement such a port.
That was my concern as well. I visited my dealer today to pick up the rest of the other things that I ordered that they did not have in stock when I bought the MC12000 (all the optional 9mm and Acufeed feet, Acufil Quilting Kit, quilt binder set, hard trolley case, 5-thread spool stand, blue low tension bobbin case, etc.). I wanted to have have all the presser feet and accessories for my MC12000 like I do for all my BERNINAs, Pfaffs, Vikings and Elnas.

I asked my dealer if the large foot control and remote cutter would work on the MC12000. She said that Janome told her that the large foot control and remote cutter will work on all Janomes with the automatic thread cutter, including the MC12000 without a firmware update. (Interesting I thought!) She had a MC8900 on display and showed me the large foot control that came with it and showed me where the remote cutter port was on the side where the remote cutter would plug into it. My large foot control and remote cutter are on back order, as well as the Clothsetter for the MC12000 which will be available this Winter. So on faith from what Janome told my dealer, I will report how it works on my MC12000 as soon as I get it.

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