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Cheryl Paul

Hi Ginger,

Now I understand, why you aren't happy with the acuflex system. That has never happened to me but I must say I haven't used the system all that often. I am using it though to sew a fleece called "PT Power Shield". So far all has gone well with seaming and top stitching. I'm using a Schmetz #14 microtex needle and I'm not sure that is the right one, but I haven't had any skipped stitches that I can see - that isn't easy as black is a difficult fabric as it absorbs ALL the light. I'm also using the wide foot.

Another thing I've tried was seaming my Tumbling Blocks from the "Not Your Grandmother's Tumbling Blocks" by Marci Baker. I am amazed at how accurate the sewing is on this wonderful machine. I do have to admit that I didn't try it on my 7700 and I think I will do that, just to make a good comparison.

What I have done on my 7700 was to sew a binding on 2 quilts, using the binder attachment. I have the sewing table for this machine and I must say that I was really impressed with both the attachment and the combo of 7700 and table. It is exactly the right height for me and the space even though it is narrow was perfect. One quilt was a large crib and the other a single bed size. I haven't tried anything larger yet, but I will. I want to use my 12000 also for this but I have to figure out a way to get to the right height. My space for doing bulky work is just to high - probably is for sewing to, but I up and down to the iron several times in an hour, where as you aren't when sewing on a binding - shoulders get sore when I'm at the machine to long. I guess that means time to fix the counter, but it is built in.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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I know exactly what you mean. I am truly not impressed with the
attachment and how it works. I have the 7700 and decided that the dual feed was
much better than my 12,000, Just a small hint the new machine coming out
October 20th to replace the 7700 which I believe is called the 8700 has the
same foot set up as the 12,000. I have decided the 7700 is the better and I
am going to keep my 7700 for a long time


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Has anyone ever had a problem with the dual feed device popping out so
that it isn't engaged? I did alot of in the ditch and was having problems with
the feed and realized that it had popped out so I have to keep checking
the back of the foot where it attaches on the bar to make sure it is still

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