For Jim - Hello and Thank you!

ANNE <amd15@...>

Jim, I want to thank you for allowing me to join this group. My name is Annie Dunn, I am from the UK but have lived a long time in Saudi Arabia, we are planning to return to the UK next year. I am a member of a enthusiatic group of quilters here in the eastern province and we meet up twice a week, every Sunday and Tuesday.

I am a big Janome fan and have owned the 6500upgraded to the 6600 nand then the 7700 and I have the 3160 which being smaller, lighetr and a great little machine I use to take to the group. I am also a member of the 7700 Yahoo group run by Janis and that has been invaluable to me.

I would love to learn and make quilts using the embroidery unit on the 12000, I have no clue whatsoever though about embroidery but am willing to learn. I have bought every accessory available for my Horizon 7700 and Jim, I need to know if any of these at all will fit the 12000? otherwise when I sell the 7700 I can then sell off my accessories that go with it. Some like the huge binding unit I have for it I have never even used yet! Also, are there going to be lots of accessories, extra feet etc. that one has to purchase for the 12000?

Jim, I want to congratulate both you and Diane for the marvellous, useful and very informative Footbook App! it is fantastic and helps one so much with all the feet, of course if I buy the 12000 I guess I won't need the App but never mind!

I am looking forward to reading and learning more about the 12000, our nearest dealer is in Dubai and I probably know more about the machines than he does, he simply sells them, there is no-one here to have lessons with or get advice from.

Thank you Jim and everyone.

My best wishes,
in Saudi Arabia

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