Re: Homebrew $3 vertical spool pin project

Jim_Stutsman <jim@...>

it's beginning to look like there may be multiple items that didn't make the release of the 12000, probably because of the devastation from the earthquake & tsunami. In the case of the vertical spool pin, every Janome model has had one. All they would need to do is make one with a round base to match the hole that's already in the machine for the horizontal extra pin. So yes, I think it's very possible that we'll get one. It certainly couldn't hurt to make the suggestion.

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I am impressed with the discussion and solutions that my question about the vertical spool pin and metallic threads has generated. Very inventive, Jim and worth consideration. Do you think that Janome might consider bringing out a vertical spool pin for the 12000 at some point in the future? I might contact Janome here in the UK and suggest it to them.

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