Re: Help Please Jim MBX install problem


Pam when MBX first came out many of us found out after we tried to install it that we needed to uninstall our previous software Digitizer/Pro before installing the new MBX.   (We never had to do this before with upgrades)Therefore most of us had issues that were upgrading.  I struggled with my program for about a week when it was finally posted that we should have uninstalled completely our Digi/Pro.  I have 2 computers one a Dell running Windows 7 and that is where my issues were.
The second is an older XP.  I knew when I installed in my XP to uninstall Digi/pro first and everything went in smoothly.
My first suggestion to you is NOT to uninstall.  If you have not done this.  Take out your dongle.  Re-start your computer and then insert your dongle and open your program.  If that does not work.  Then DO NOT UNINSTALL( that is where you will create issues if you do).  Contact Janome either try to call Tech support or E-Mail Terry at directly and I am sure they can solve the issue for you.

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