Help Please Jim MBX install problem

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Help Please Jim
Yesterday I tried to put my MBX upgraded from MB onto a second computer a brand new top spec Dell laptop that I purchased to go with my 12000 so I can have the computer next to the machine and free up the desktop PC.
I put the install disk in & all went well until it tells me to put the dongle in & it seems to be trying to update the dongle & says something like can't update dongle! And won't go any further with the install!
Now I am afraid it may damage the dongle if I keep trying.
MBX still works fine on the desktop ware I installed the software originally & did the original update from digitizer MB so I know the dongle is working fine.
I thought once I upgraded my MBX upgrade would be just MBX & would work when installed with the dongle but this does not seem to be so.
I am also worried if my main PC dies my MBX will be useless.


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