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If you have Digitizer MBX you can fix this by opening the design in EasyDesign and reassigning colors from the Madeira Rayon 40 chart. Since you asked the question, it's safe to assume that you do not have Digitizer MBX, but you should have the Horizon Link software that came with your machine. As it turns out, you can copy thread charts from Digitizer MBX to Horizon Link. If you have a friend who has Digitizer MBX, you're set. Here's what you need to do:

1. Open "My Computer", then drive C. Also open a USB flash drive.

2. Open "Program Files", or "Program Files (X86)" on 64-bit systems.

3. Open the "Janome" folder.

4. Open in order "Digitizer MBX" and then "RES".

5. Find the thread chart(s) you wish to copy. These will be files with the name of the thread (such as Madeira 40) and end in "tch". Drag them one by one to the USB flash drive folder.

6. Now go back up to the "Janome" folder and open "HorizonLink", then "DataFiles".

7. Drag the "tch" files you saved to the USB drive into the RES folder.

Now when you open a design in EDIT mode in HorizonLink, you can choose "Edit" from the menu and click on the color change tool. Your new chart will be in the list of available thread charts, and any colors you assign from that chart will "stick" when you take the design to the machine.

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I had a 11000 and purchased the 12000 assuming they would address the small number of threads recognized. I have almost every Madiera rayon thread and the machine only recognizes Madiera poly. It is so stressful to have to make choices in the threads offered and have thread numbers that are not mine shown on the screen. Any suggestions on how to compensate for this?

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