newbie here & vertical spool thread guide



Just found your list & joined. Looking forward to the tips on the 12000! Thanks so much for providing this service!

I've had my machine for a couple of weeks now & have done lots of regular sewing & embroidery on it. No problems so far & using it seems very intuitive to me. ( I also have the 9000, 10001, & 11000).

Really hope they come out with a clothsetter (my dealer said one was planned for release in 2013). Just makes it easier for hooping large layouts.

Most of my thread is on cones so the lack of a vertical spool pin was a problem. I discovered that the extra thread guide that fits my 10001 can be turned & fits perfectly over the thread cutter on the top of the 12000 (next to the bobbin winder). That allows me to use my freestanding thread holder & clip the thread through the thread guide before threading thru the machine. I'll be picking up another of the thread guides next time I'm into my dealer to replace the one on my 10001 unless someone has a better solution. I know this part was relatively inexpensive.

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