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I do many in the hoop projects including in the hoop designs and have used the Acufil hoop in both my 11,000 when I had it and in the 12,0000.  It actually hoops much better than the SQ23.  Why do you say it is not to be used?

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This hoop is not designed to use for embroidery.  It is used for quilting and it is designed so you can easily move your quilt fabric to the next position.  You will need to use the SQ23 to do your embroidery.

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My question is there is no top to this hoop to hold the fabric in place how will that work with a 5 x 7 embroidery with no top to the hoop.  Judyjanome

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The Acufil is well worth what we paid.  Those of us that wanted a 5x7 hoop can use the 8x8 that is included with the Acufil upgrade .  It does save on our supplies.
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I just bought one in Manitoba for $500.00

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> looking into getting a 12000 this winter have the 11000se which i will sell or trade in.
> was wondering how much more is the acifil ?
> Thanks Gale


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