New Owner ,,, question regarding callibration and the plastic templates

judyjanome <judyjanome@...>

I picked up the machine last week. I love the 9 mm stitches. I tried a couple of the built in patterns. After I loaded the hoop (I owned the first 11000 a few years ago) I checked the needle and it was not in the center of the plastic templete. I thought I should go into the tools for the emb unit and callibrated the needle to move into the center of the plastic templete, and then clicked ok. I removed the plastic templete. Then I stiched out the design. Do you have to callabrate each hoop before use. I hope I am explaining myself. Last night I went to default in the tools menu which changed my settings back because I forgot to change out the zig zag stitch plate to the single hole plate. I again tried a small design when I finished checked the placement of the design in the hoop and it was perfect. There are two holes side by each in that single hole plate and the emb does start in the hole on the left but the placement was perfect. If all this was unnecessary what is the callibration option in the tool menu for. I am so sorry to go on about this but I did want you to understand. Thanks Judyjanome

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