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if you do a google search you'll find some helpful site for sewing and embroidery in particular. I like and, as they have lots of good advice. you can search thesewingforum for info on machine embroidery and there will be lots to help you get started.

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Hi All
I have only had my 12000 for 3 days and am trying to teach myself as the tuition offered is over 4 and a half hours away, which means I can't just go and ask. My dealer who is much closer doesn't really have many answers
I think the 12000 is fantastic and so far the only problem I have had is with Madeira Lana which I use when appliqueing. It is thick and fragile so I am using the same topstitch needles I used with my old machine (Viking Sapphire) BUT the thread just keeps on breaking, I have attempted to alter the upper tension but so far I am not winning
I am using regular thread in the bobbin.
Does anyone have any tips please - I would be very grateful

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