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There is a Sew N Vac in Long Beach. That is where I bought mine.
I also bought the Acufil Quilting Kit I'm just learning it on my own. I have a lady from Sew N Vac that
is learning it with me.

From: momin8tor5
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Sent: Friday, September 7, 2012 4:21 PM
Subject: [janome12000] Janome Dealer Recommendation

Can anyone recommend a Janome dealer in Southern California that is really an expert in the Janome 11000 or 12000? I have been researching the 11000 for over a year and the 12000 since it made it's debut, but when talking with a few dealers, no one seems to be very confident about what the machines offer. One of them did not carry the machines on their sales floor, but they wanted to sell me one.

I realize the 12000 has only been out about 1 year, but I would think someone has some real experience on it. The dealer I met with today had not heard about the AcuFil Quilting Kit yet. Hence, I had to bring them up to speed.

Any and all recommendations are welcomed.

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